For use with the Knurling Tool Holder

90° 20TPI Spiral Knurl Pair3605$40.00
90º 20TPI Left Hand Spiral Knurl3605L$24.50
90º 20TPI Right Hand Spiral Knurl3605R$24.50
90° 25TPI Spiral Knurl Pair3606$40.00
90° 25TPI Left Hand Sprial Knurl3606L$24.50
90° 25TPI Right Hand Sprial Knurl3606R$24.50
90° 30TPI Spiral Knurl Pair3607$40.00
90° 30TPI Left Hand Spiral Knurl3607L$24.50
90° 30TPI Right Hand Spiral Knurl3607R$24.50
90° 35TPI Spiral Knurl Pair3608$40.00
90° 35TPI Left Hand Spiral Knurl3608L$24.50
90° 35TPI Right Hand Spiral Knurl3608R$24.50
90° 40TPI Spiral Knurl Pair3609$40.00
90° 40TPI Left Hand Spiral Knurl3609L$24.50
90° 40TPI Right Hand Spiral Knurl3609R$24.50
70° 50TPI Spiral Knurl Pair3610$40.00
70° 50TPI Left Hand Spiral Knurl3610L$24.50
70° 50TPI Right Hand Spiral Knurl3610R$24.50
70° 80TPI Spiral Knurl Pair3611$40.00
70° 80TPI Left Hand Spiral Knurl3611L$24.50
70° 80TPI Right Hand Spiral Knurl3611R$24.50