Sherline/MASSO Instructional Videos

Welcome to the MASSO Instructional-Video section of the Sherline Products website. Here, you can view videos of How-to Instructions that detail assembly, installation, upgrading, repair, and operation of the Sherline/MASSO controller.

Ball Screw Lathe Deep Cut Test


Setting the Backlash on a Ball Screw Lathe

Masso Threading Instructions


Ball Screw Lathe Setting up and Running a Part

Ball Screw Lathe Setting the Tool Offsets


Connecting MASSO to the Ball Screw Lathe

MASSO Control J–Jump to Line Code


MASSO G95 Code-Feeds/Revolution

10K RPM Pulley Modification


Ball Screw Lathe-Setting up and Running a Part

Ball Screw Lathe-Setting the Tool Offsets


Rotary Table Limit Switch Install

Installing Limit Switches on a Ball Screw Mill


Installing the Optical Encoder

Speed Control Retrofit for CNC Controller


Sample Program on the Sherline CNC Controller

Work positions and Tool Offsets for Tools


Loading Programs on the Sherline Controller

Setting up the Optical Encoder


Adding Limit Switches to Your Current Mill

Setting up Your New Sherline CNC Controller