Sherline Instructional Videos

Welcome to the Instructional-Video section of the Sherline Products website. Here, you can view videos of How-to Instructions that detail assembly, installation, upgrading, repair, and operation of Sherline machines and accessories.

Sherline Ball Screw Lathe Cutting Demonstration


Tailstock Adjustment and Removal

Adjusting the Gibs on the Ball Screw Lathe


Assembling Your Ball Screw Lathe

Removing and Adjusting Machine Handwheels


Using the Bump Knurl Tool

Installing Upgraded Ball Screws


Removing the Ball Screws for Replacement

Upgrading to a 15-inch Column Bed

Replacing the Speed Control Toggle Switch

3-Jaw Chuck Jaw Installation and Care


Using the Leadscrew Engagement Lever with DRO

Cutting Threads with the Compound Slide


Using the Threading Cutting Attachment

Assembling the Thread Cutting Attachment


Pie Jaw Demonstration

Using the Radius Cutting Attachment (P/N 2200)


Aligning the Stepper Motor to the Ball Screw

Centering an Independent 4-Jaw Chuck


Accordion Way Cover Installation

Installing the Way Cover Upgrade with Guide Rods


Aligning the Ball Nut to the Stepper Motor

Ball Screw X/Y Saddle Lubrication Update


Z-Axis Ball Screw Column Retrofit

X/Y-Axis Ball Screw Retrofit


Installing Stepper Motors

Removing Stepper Motors


Adjusting Backlash on Sherline Lathes and Mills

Backlash and Gib Adjustment on Lathe Saddle


Motor and Speed Control Assembly

Setting up a Sherline Lathe


Gib Installation and Setup

Indicating in Gang-Tooling Tool Post


DRO Handwheel Installation

Maintaining Your Laser Engraving XY Base


P/N 1182PC Pool Cue Live Center Tolerances

Eliminating Tool Chatter