Sherline Videos

Welcome to the video section of the Sherline Products website. Here, you can view short videos of demonstrations, processes, machines, accessories, and models. There are also many videos put up by Sherline customers on YouTube if you do a search for “Sherline.”

Sherline Products-Manufacturing Marvels



Straightening a Bent Pivot

NAWCC Lathe Class


Turning a Duck Call on the Chucker Lathe

Rotary Scanning Plate Demonstration


CNC Rotary Table in Action

Chucker Lathe Turning a Screw Adapter


How It’s Made-Original Grain Watches

CNC Chucker Lathe Demonstration


Ball Screw Mill Cutting Demonstration

Engraving on a Sherline Ball Screw Mill


Sherline at 2015 Maker Faire®–San Diego

Sample Cuts in Various Materials
Using a Sherline Lathe


Collet Closer Parts Made on Sherline CNC

Using Sherline as 2nd Operation Machine


Vertical Bit Cutting 01 Steel

Vertical Bit Cutting Stainless Steel


Eliminating Tool Chatter

The Craftsmanship Museum in Carlsbad


Laser Engraving with Sherline “Pin Jaws”

New Laser Marking for WW Collets


White Line 3D Scanning

Sherline Rotary Laser Scanning Table


Sherline CNC Cam Grinding, Part 1

Sherline CNC Cam Grinding, Part 2


Brown & Sharpe Machine

Sherline’s High-Pressure Water Jet in Operation