Sherline Update for CNC with Ball Leadscrews

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Dear Valued Sherline Customers,
Our first batch of ball screws has arrived. We have assembled our first CNC Chucker Lathes-P/N 6600 ( and put them through our testing process to guarantee that everything is right. The CNC Chucker Lathes are available now as a “direct order only” from Sherline Products.

We will be assembling our mill and testing them for the next two weeks. We will start taking orders for our new ball screw mill right after Thanksgiving on 11/27/17. We will also begin offering quotes for ball screw retrofits for existing machines at the same time. The retrofits will most likely only be offered as an in-house factory retrofit. This is so we can assure proper assembly and tolerances. This will also guarantee that there will not be any damage to the ball leadscrews caused by improper assembly.

The CNC ball leadscrew lathe is still in the developmental stage. We have made most of the parts, and we like the prototype machines that we have built. The hold up on the lathe is coming up with a chip cover design for the ball leadscrew. We have tried a few different cover designs, but we have not found one that we really like yet.

In addition to the ball leadscrews, our 3C Lever Collet Closer is very close to being finished. The 3C Lever Collet Closer will be a great addition to our 3C Headstock-P/N 30113. This accessory should be on the market in early 2018.