Introducing Our New Sherline/MASSO CNC Controller

P/N 8780 Sherline/MASSO controller with 4-axis CNC driver box

We are introducing our new CNC controller, powered by MASSO. We have spent the last year working with MASSO getting the features that we need and the features that we want for our CNC machines.

Learn why we chose MASSO boards to improve our CNC control with a new stand-alone operating system. CLICK HERE.

We contacted a couple of other manufacturers of control boards, and MASSO is the board we decided to use. Anything that we’ve needed so far, MASSO came through and made it possible. Here are some of the main features that we wanted in a new controller:

  1. Control our spindle speed with g-code: Analog spindle speed control has been standard on our machines, but now we have new technology on the board that is controlling the spindle speed using g-code rather than using an adjustable dial.
  2. Add an optical encoder to our machine: The only possibility before MASSO was a mechanical encoder that would be attached to the outside of the headstock using a timing belt. Since we started working with MASSO, they designed a compact optical encoder for us. This encoder design fits perfectly with our machine and our accessories.
  3. Do single-point threading
  4. Have an accurate RPM readout
  5. Limit switches
  6. Homing ability for each axis
  7. WiFi communication
  8. Regular software upgrades: Their software is continually improving, and it is extremely easy to upgrade.

These are some things that they integrated into their board specifically for us. We feel that these new features will give you more control, accuracy, and versatility over your CNC projects. The direction that MASSO is going in the future is the direction that we want to go in as well.

The MASSO controller allows you to write your CNC programs on your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and then transfer your programs to the controller via a USB flash drive. No more having to use a dedicated operating system like Linux to control your machine. You can even do some minor program editing directly in the controller interface.

This Sherline/MASSO controller is taking the place of our PC, which is becoming antiquated and very difficult to find motherboards and very difficult for which to find compatible parts.

Controller Options

The Sherline/MASSO controller box is available with our 4-Axis CNC Driver Box (P/N 8780), or you can purchase it separately (P/N 8781) if you already have a driver box (P/N 8760), and will soon be available with any of our machines.

You will need to select the leadscrew and machine options for your MASSO controller so we know which limit switch mounting kits to send.

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