3D CAD Images Available for Designers

Sherline is in the process of producing 3D CAD files in IGES and STEP formats for designers who need to spec our parts into their machine designs. We have started adding links to 3D files on some of our most popular tools and accessories and will continue as our CAD draftsman completes them.

We offer two types of 3D object files: .igs and .stp.

  1. To view .igs files, you need an IGS viewer. CLICK HERE to download a FREE IGS viewer.
  2. To view .stp files, you need an STP viewer. CLICK HERE to use Autodesk’s FREE A360* online file viewer. STP is a file extension for a 3-D graphics file used by CAD software. STP stands for STandard for the Exchange of Product model data. STP files are used to store 3D image data in an ASCII format, following the standards defined in ISO 10303-21: Clear Text Encoding of the Exchange Structure.
  3. Some of the 3D file formats have been compressed into a .rar file to save file space. Click on the .rar file link below to download it to your computer.
  4. Extract the .rar file to the drive location of your choice.
  5. If your system cannot decompress RAR files, CLICK HERE to download WinRAR software.
  6. Open the .igs file using the IGS Viewer, or open the .stp file using the A360 Autodesk online viewer.

*NOTE: There are also other free STP viewers that can be downloaded directly to your computer.

IGS Viewer example. Click on the image for a larger view.
STP A360 Viewer example. Click on the image for a larger view.