8″ Single Axis slide with Programmable CNC Contoller

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About the Sherline 8″ Industrial linear machine slide with programmable CNC controller

Sherline offers a line of industrial slides and spindles that make it easy to build up and control manual or CNC movements for production or home shop use. Show here as an example is the 8″ single axis slide with a stepper motor mount. Included are the stepper motor and a controller with a built-in driver to program and run it. The controller allows you to program in table movement controlling speed, direction, and distance right from the keypad. No knowledge of G-code is required. Included is the power supply and connecting cable as well as an extra half cable for “Daisy-chaining” one or more linear or rotary controllers together for sequential moves. To learn more about how the controller works, see the links to the instructions below.

The 8″ slide has 4″ of table travel. This slide is also available in a 13″ length for an additional 5″ of travel as P/N 6559. The table and T-slots feature the standard Sherline layout of 1.5″ on centers and can be used with Sherline T-nut accessories. The slide is mounted to your base by means of four 1/2-20 holes in the bottom of the base. A screw activated slide lock is also provided.

Items included with the Linear Machine Slide with Programmable Controller:

  • 8″ single axis slide
  • Linear Controller w/Keypad
  • Power Supply
  • #23 Frame Size Stepper Motor
  • Cables
  • Complete instructions

NOTE: If you wish to apply CNC linear control to an axis of a Sherline machine that does not have a stepper motor mount, see this kit.

NOTE: The power supply included with this indexer (linear controller) is intended to operate only on 115/120 VAC, 60 Hz (38 W) current. For countries operating on 100, 220 or 240VAC and/or 50Hz a transformer will be required. As an alternative, this power supply outputs 24VDC, 1 Amp (1000 mA). If you can purchase an appropriate power supply that operates on local current and outputs 24VDC, 1A current, it could be used to power the unit instead of the one supplied. Sherline Products does not provide a 220V power supply or transformer.

Other Industrial Products

Sherline lists the parts sold through the Industrial Products Division on another website at www.sherlineIPD.com that goes into much more detail. Also offered are two-axis and 6-direction slides in manual or CNC-ready versions plus cartridge spindles and headstocks with or without a DC motor and speed control.


The improper use of machine tools and their accessories can result in serious injury. Before using this tool, thoroughly read the instructions and make sure you understand its proper and safe use.


Always wear safety glasses when operating machine tools.

Download PDF Inch 8800 Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

Download PDF Metric 8810 Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

Power Supply Input: 115 VAC 50/60 Hz, Output: 24V, 1 Watt
Stepper Motor 100 oz-in, 2 Amp, #23 Frame size, 400 steps per revolution
Speed 1″/min. to 25 in/min (programmable)
Distance from 0.0005″ to 9.9995″ in steps of 0.0005″
Backlash Compensation Programmable
67127 Stepper motor assembly
87041 120 VAC power supply (24 VDC, 1 amp output)
87250 Stepper motor-to-control box 6’ extension cable
87350 Single 5-pin mini-DIN limit switch cable or ½ of daisy-chain cable
88010 Linear controller/keypad unit complete