Stepper Motor Wire Harness W/Plug

The stepper motor wire harness is 12″ long and has six wire leads pre-wired in a 5-pin connector that plugs directly into the Sherline controller box or the linear/rotary controllers.

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T-Slot Cutter (Carbide, 3/8″ Shank)

T-slot nominal dimensions****Note: The T-slots are extruded into the material. Table surfaces are machined for flatness, but the slots themselves require no additional finishing processes. Slot width, top: .25″ T width, bottom: .40″ Upper slot depth: .10″ T Slot depth: … Continued

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Timing Belt 0.25″ Wide

Length: 11″ Width:   0.25″ Teeth:    55 MFG#:  110xL025

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Timing Belt 0.37″ Wide

Length: 11″ Width:   0.37″ Teeth:    55 MFG#:   110XL037G

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Toggle Switch

Replacement switch for the motor and speed control unit.

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Vise Body
Compatible with mill vises made after March 1993
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1/4″ Washer

Inside Diameter: 0.265″ Outside Diameter: 0.500″ Thickness: 0.063″ Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel

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