Accessories for the Laser Marking and Scanning Industries

Sherline offers a 4″ rotary table and industrial slides that are popular in the laser marking and scanning industries. Also offered are round and rectangular tooling plates that are specifically designed to mount parts on top of the tables for scanning or marking. Click on any of the links below to learn more about these products.

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X/Y Bases and Laser Engraving Plate

The Laser Tooling Plate can be mounted to your own fixture, or it can be purchased along with a Sherline XY base with 18″ table. The XY base is shown in manual configuration, but it is also available with NEMA 23 stepper motor mounts for CNC operation (mounts to any Sherline mill or industrial slide table).

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3D Laser Scanning Plates for Rotary Table

All three plates are shown here in one photo. They come in sizes 8″, 10″, and 12″ in diameter. All are designed to be used on the Sherline 4″ Rotary Table.

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Tilting Angle Tables for Laser Marking

Other laser accessories include specialized tilting angle tables and a step block hold-down set.

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3-Jaw Chuck “Pin Jaws”

We designed our Pin Jaws specifically for laser engraving rings and other similar parts. These jaws are not designed for machining parts or other uses that require more than finger tight closing pressure to hold the part in the chuck (chuck not included).

Options include:

  • Standard jaws with 1/8″ diameter steel dowel pins
  • Short jaws with 3/16″ diameter steel dowel pins
  • Extended jaws with 3/16″ steel dowel pins