Listed below are some handy watch and clock making tips sent in by Sherline users. They are listed in the order received. Click on any tip to open it. This section is always growing, so if you have tried something that has worked well, or made life easier around your shop, please see below for details on submitting your own tip.

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If you have any examples of things you have done to make your projects go easier, send them to us and we will add them to this section for all to share. Just send a sample part, a photo, a simple sketch or a written description. Our graphics department will do an illustration or digital photo like the ones shown in the tips below if necessary.

It can be a simple suggestion or special part, but if it makes your life easier, why not share it with others? We look forward to expanding this section of the site with your suggestions. We can’t offer fortune, but we can at least offer some measure of fame. Thousands of other machinists might see and benefit from your suggestion. You may send your suggestions to us by mail, fax or email as follows:

Mail: Attn: Marketing, SHERLINE Products, 3235 Executive Ridge, Vista, CA 92081-8527, USA.
Fax: 760.727.7857

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  1. Sherline Steady-Rest Modification—Gary Combs
  2. Flip Over T-Rest for Sherline Lathe—Gary Combs
  3. Clock Key Tap Handles—Jerry Kieffer
  4. Chuck Adapter Improvement for Clock and Watchmakers—A. Bousquet
  5. Sherline Equipment for Horological Repair—Jerry Kieffer
  6. Drawbar and Chuck Adapter Through-Drill Modification—Roger Adams
  7. Modifying Your Lathe Chuck with Standoff Spacers—Roger Adams
  8. Using a Collet Holder on the Rotary Table—Roger Adams
  9. Additional Modifications to the Sherline Steady Rest—Kelsey Downum