A tool is named by the direction from which the chip leaves the tool; so a right-hand tool has its cutting edge on the left and the chip peels off to the right.

1/4" HSS Tool Blank - Single tool blank3005$3.25
1/4" HSS Tool Blank - Pack of 5 blanks3005B$10.50
Right Hand Carbide Tool11920$7.50
Left Hand Carbide Tool11930$7.50
Carbide Tool, 60 Degrees11940$7.50
Carbide Radius Cutting Tool

60°, 1/64″ nose radius

Right Hand High Speed Steel Cutting Tool11950$7.50
Left Hand High Speed Steel Cutting Tool11960$7.50
High Speed Steel Boring Tool11970$15.75
Right Hand Internal Threading Tool1200$25.25
Left Hand Internal Threading Tool12001$30.50